Danica And The Two Big Games.

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When it comes to girls with cars, no one has the attitude, determination and that spark that you can see in the serene pair of eyes of Miss Patrick. She’s got the whole eyes on her, whether behind the hood or on top of one. With the Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots, it was the GoDaddy driver who found herself as one of the most-watched athletes of the spectacle. Patrick was shown in 10 Super Bowl ads, more than any other celebrity being showcased in the night. With a few more victories under her belt considering her full-time NASCAR status, she may even steal the most-popular award from the 2-person monopoly of Bill Elliot and Dale Earnhardt Jr. that’s possessed the acclaim every year.

Now with a full-time commitment to NASCAR and a starting position in the Daytona 500, it may be a new Danica. One that inspires fear in the heart of competition, always among the most competitive girls with cars, this dream better happen for Danica. Because despite all the Super Bowl appearances in the commercials, quantity sure didn’t show quality. The “cloud” commercial ranked on the USA Today meter as 54th of 54 with the more risqué “body paint” ranking around 51st. And if you ask me, it really wasn’t a great year for Super Bowl commercials.

But with the pigskin no longer passing around, it’s time for the Super Bowl of racing to happen. She’s got high expectations to dust the rest of the NASCAR doubters and those tired of the GoDaddy ads off the shoulders of her neon-green jumpsuit. "On the Nationwide side, getting into the top 10 in points to start out and then getting in the top five more consistently through the year would be a goal, and I'd like to get to Victory Lane," Patrick said of her ride with JR Motorsports, where she'll run the full 33-race schedule.

And maybe she can turn her luck around with a strong showing at the Daytona 500. Setting a new standard for girls with cars as we know it, by recovering a last-place Super Bowl ranking with a  "As far as the Cup stuff, at Daytona the cars are very fast -- as we've already seen in the [recent] test. So I feel good about that race," Patrick says. "I was lucky enough to run with Tony in the Nationwide race there last summer and that went pretty good, so I feel good about Daytona and I think there is a real chance, if luck falls our way, to win. I think that's a real chance…. A guy like Trevor Bayne showed that last year. So those are the expectations for the first race -- but beyond that, I don't know. The top 20, maybe?"

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Danica And The Two Big Games.

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This article was published on 2012/02/24